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Yves Jabouin Understands How Referee Adam Cheadle Missed The Illegal Knee

UFC 161 opened with controversy on two levels. Yves Jabouin’s split-decision win over Dustin Pague was the first issue as some didn’t agree. Then a late apparent illegal knee that went unnoticed by the referee also came up. In the end, Jabouin believes he earned the win.

“I definitely think I deserve to win,” said Jabouin to MMA Fighting. “I have two rounds to three. [The illegal knee] was the only blow that I remember taking. Everything else I rolled out of. The fight was mine.”

Jabouin figured he won the first two rounds as he landed more strikes, which caused damage. Pague relied on submissions, but couldn’t secure any.

The win makes Jabouin 4-1 since dropping to bantamweight and it was his first fight of 2013. He had no ill words about the referee for not seeing the illegal knee to a downed opponent, as he was simply out of place.

Pague could be in some trouble as he’s 1-4 for the UFC, riding three consecutive losses.

The welterweights opened the Facebook part of UFC 161. For complete results of UFC 161, please click here.