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Pat Barry: Shawn Jordan Presents Every Kind Of Problem, But His Back Flip Is Terrible

As UFC 161 approaches, Heavyweight Pat “HD” Barry (8-5, MMA) brings the hype and charisma with which very few can compete and tops it off with his heavy fists and powerful kickboxing that can devastate his opponents. In a pre-fight interview with Heidi Fang of MMA Fight Corner, Pat discussed his quest to ascend the ranks of the UFC Heavyweight division. Up next for Barry, a collision with Shawn Jordan who has a UFC record of 2-1.

“Shawn is a knockout guy. We’re both 3 foot 6 and we’re morbidly obese. We’re both squares man, we don’t want to fight for 15 minutes. We’re gonna get in there, we’re going to hit each other, we’re going to fall down and then whenever it’s over, we’re both going to say thanks and get something to eat,” Barry stated. “He’s not a distance guy, I’m not a distance guy. I have no desire to fight for more than 2 minutes or past round one, neither does he. We’re gonna get in there, we’re going to slug it out, whoever can impose their will first is gonna be the one who wins. Who ever falls for the trap first is gonna lose.”

“But his back flip is terrible,” Pat added.

“Shawn Jordan presents every type of problem, Shawn Jordan is strong. He’s ridiculously strong. At the same time, he’s a lot faster than he looks. He’s a lot faster than he looks like he should be,” Barry said. “As soon as you think he’s fast, all of a sudden he shows you how fast he really is. I mean he’s accurate, he’s aggressive, and he’s a risk taker and that’s what makes for a dangerous fighter. That’s what makes for a dangerous opponent is he takes chances. He takes risks, he jumps in the air and does superman punches. He shoots for takedowns and throws superman punches at the same time. So you don’t know which one your supposed to defend. If he hits you, it’s over with. It’s like the same thing I said about Lavar [Johnson] and anybody else – we’re heavyweights all it takes is one shot to finish somebody. And he’s got everything it takes to become a star.”

However, by no means is Pat acquiescing to Jordan’s skill. In fact, “Hype or Die” revealed that both of his coaches, Trevor Wittman at Grudge and Nelson Minnesota Martial Arts Academy, have been pushing him to his limits and instilling in him a new found confidence. With all things in his life finally seeming to align, Pat said he now feels ready to make a run at the title.

“Yes absolutely – starting with Shawn Jordan. This Saturday,” Pat said of his desire to go after the heavyweight title. “It started with Shane Del Rosario, but he’s just the next one in line. I’m going to throw heat at him. From the first bell, I’m throwing thunder at his head until his head falls off.”