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Bjorn Rebney Takes Backseat In Fight Master

When Bellator’s new reality show Fight Master hits the airwaves this month, don’t expect to see too much of their CEO Bjorn Rebney.

“When you do see me on the show, you’ll see me in a capacity not where I’m yelling at fighters,” said Rebney after a sneak preview of the show. “You’ll see me in a capacity in which I function in in the real world. It’s very real in terms of guys choosing who they’re going to fight for, and my role in the show is similar to my role in the real world.”

Rebney wanted it known that the show is not the same as the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter. That show, which often features UFC president Dana White, is a small tournament between two teams. The coaches, who are also contracted UFC fighters, select their teammates.

Fight Master allows the participants to select their coach. Options include: former UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, former UFC light heavyweight champion Frank Shamrock, former Bellator featherweight champion Joe Warren and renowned coach Greg Jackson.

A total of 32 welterweights compete with the winner getting a spot in an upcoming tournament, plus $100,000.

The show premieres on Wednesday, June 19, at 10 p.m. ET.