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Jose Aldo, Tyron Woodley, EA Sports UFC: The Morning News Roundup – 6.11.13

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the roundup. In today’s top stories, Jose Aldo talks about line jumpers, Tyron Woodley says bring it on, and EA Sports makes an official announcement for the next UFC video game. Also, Chael Sonnen “finally admits” that he and Dan Henderson tried to pull a fast one on Jon Jones at UFC 151. There’s a lot to get through, so here goes:

• Aldo says he feels Anthony Pettis cut in line for a shot a UFC featherweight title, but he plans on doing the same thing when he goes to challenge for the UFC lightweight title. I understand the animosity that many people feel toward line jumping but at the end of the day, fighting is still a business and you have to make the fights that sell. Aldo is set to take on Pettis at UFC 163 in August.

• Woodley says he’s ready to take on the big guns in the UFC welterweight division and wants the tough fights. Normally I would say something like “be careful what you wish for”, but Woodley has the tools to hang with anyone in the division. He’ll be in for a big test at UFC 161 on Saturday when he competes against former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields.

• EA showed another trailer for their UFC title at this week’s E3 event and said they plan to release in spring of next year. EA took over the UFC license after THQ, the developer of the first three UFC titles, went bankrupt late last year. EA’s first effort at an MMA title was decent, so it will be interesting to see what they can deliver in their sophomore outing.

• There’s no telling why he’s revealing this now, but Sonnen now claims that he and Henderson worked together to trap Jones at last year’s UFC 151. The revelation comes after both fighters had denied claims by Jones’ trainer Greg Jackson that they had concealed Henderson’s injury in order to spring Sonnen into the picture as a last-minute replacement. If you ask me, it’s hard not to lose a little bit of respect for Sonnen and Henderson after this, but I still think Jones made a major blunder by not accepting Sonnen’s offer to save 151’s main event.