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BJ Penn: Time To Retire?

When it was announced that Forrest Griffin was retiring, it was breaking and shocking news. Often an established fighter retires once they’re forced to by the promotion.

Look at the UFC hall of fame, where a majority of those inductees end their career with a pile of losses compared to years earlier when they tore their competition apart.

UFC president Dana White has made it clear about B.J. Penn’s future. He wants the “The Prodigy” to retire and feels he’s set financially.

I think Penn’s retirement is overdue. Following his unforgettable quick win over hall of famer Matt Hughes, Penn was riding that fighter high and though he lost to Nick Diaz they delivered a memorable fight. That should have been the end of Penn’s active days in MMA.

Out to prove that this new breed of fighters have nothing on the veterans of the sport, Penn found himself opposite a much younger and dangerous Rory MacDonald at December’s UFC on FOX card. Maybe five years ago Penn stood a chance, but MacDonald is a hot prospect who will hold gold within the next few years.

Penn stands at 1-4 since 2010 and that’s not how someone who held UFC gold in two divisions deserves to go out. Sadly, that may be the case and it’s for the best. Penn has taken some gnarly beatings, especially the recent one from MacDonald, so please retire.

If Penn hangs around, he’s going to embarrass himself similar to how Ken Shamrock has accomplished that by not being able to officially retire.

I think Penn will look for one more blow off fight and have the UFC build it up as a pay-per-view co-main event. The problem is that most of Penn’s former challengers have retired or been given their release.

Sean Sherk is the only real option out there. With the former lightweight champion looking to return this year, that should be Penn’s sendoff fight. Most veterans of the UFC don’t stand a chance against these young lions that are being produced. If Penn takes on a rising star, he likely leaves the Octagon battered and bruised once again.

Nobody wants to see fan favorite Penn get beat-up for another 15 minutes. We’ve seen plenty of that in his last few fights. Hopefully, Penn pulls a Griffin by walking away before he embarrasses himself and takes more unnecessary blows.