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Matt Serra On Fighter’s High

With Matt Serra calling it a career, he’s going to miss the rush that goes with competing. He believes that feeling could be what steers fighters to make poor choices in their post-fight career.

“They stick around a lot of time longer than they should,” said Serra on The MMA Hour. “It’s that feeling of fighting in there. That’s why I think fighters, you know, post-fighting they turn to drugs and they turn to this and turn to that because they are missing something. They need that high. It’s such a high. Like when you win or have a battle in there, or whatever.”

The 38-year-old recently had a rib removed that was causing blood clots in his arms and lungs. He last fought for the UFC in a losing effort to Chris Lytle in 2010.

Serra is one of two UFC fighters to defeat longtime welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. The other was UFC hall of famer Matt Hughes.