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UFC 160: Colton Smith Vs. Robert Whittaker

Colton Smith vs. Robert Whittaker

A pair of Ultimate Fighter winners square off at welterweight next, as Colton Smith (3-1) meets Robert Whittaker (10-2). The referee will be Chris Tognoni.

Round 1: Whittaker lands with a big right uppercut, but Smith seems find, shoots for a takedown and gets denied. Smith keeps coming in hard, and Whittaker is countering each time, along with loading up the right. Smith with a right of his own catches Whittaker. Superman punch lands by Smith, as he is showing a much-improved striking game and keeping Whittaker off balance. Whittaker slips, Smith pounces and is looking for a kimura.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Smith

Round 2: Whittaker lands a counter left and drops Smith, follows with another strike and Smith is reeling. But, here he comes firing back at Whittaker with everything. Some swelling around the eye area of Smith. Whittaker fights off a trip takedown attempt by Smith. Break in the action after Whittaker takes an accidental low blow. Left hook lands by Whittaker, as Smith tries firing back with his own shots. Whittaker is storming, lefts and rights that are connecting at will. Smith has a nasty pair of cuts open on his face, shoots for a takedown and gets denied.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Whittaker

Round 3: Whittaker with a counter left that drops and pounces, several more rights and lefts and the ref steps in. Smith is protesting, but that seemed like a good stoppage, as he was dropped.

Robert Whittaker def. Colton Smith via TKO (strikes) at :41 of Round 3