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Invicta FC Bans Manager Brett Atchley

Shannon Knapp issued a statement addressing how someone was falsely representing Invicta FC about a week ago. It was quickly revealed that the statement was in regards to Addison Sports Management and Media representative Brett Atchley.

As a result, Atchley is banned from Invicta FC events.

“In light of the documented information that has come to us – and this is via text messages from Mr. Atchley, along with email and things of that nature – with the misuse of our company name, my name [and] also in light of the fact that some of these sexual misconduct allegations have taken place at our events, we’re going to stand firm in saying Mr. Atchley will not be welcome at our events,” said Knapp on Inside MMA.

Several fighters have accused Atchley of falsifying sponsor money, making inappropriate sexual advances and threatening lives. Some of the first names to come ahead with these claims are Tara LaRosa, Jessamyn Duke and Alyssa Vasquez.

Atchley has denied all accusations.