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TRT: Lack Of Credited Details Draws Fuzzy Future

With Vitor Belfort claiming his second win this year, the question on almost everyone’s mind was if TRT played a factor. The UFC looks to rid the sport of the controversial substance as veterans such as Dan Henderson and Frank Mir continue to use it on the down low.

Everyone seems to have an opinion, but the problem is only a select few know its real use. I’m not a medical doctor and those are the people who should be weighing-in or contacted. They possess the knowledge of science and can explain TRT much better than I ever could.

What needs to be done is a complete process before jumping to conclusions. Get 10 doctors who approve of TRT for athletes and 10 doctors who are against it. Have them collect their findings and put together a report so athletic commissions can then explore the options.

This way, TRT is given a fair chance. The substance has been judged too harshly with not enough information out there. People need to stop jumping at the assumption that TRT is an illegal substance and is wrong.

Without the information from professionals in the field, I would lean closer to banning it. That’s based off most UFC fighters showing disdain towards TRT and nothing else. This answer lacks medical facts to support any kind of proper response.

TRT is going to grow in the number of users, so it’s time to make a decision before this gets out of control. Take the proper steps by having scientists and doctors draw a conclusion that is universally understood.