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Dana White On Best Piece Of Advice He’s Received, Video

UFC president Dana White appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “UFC Tonight” and offered some interesting insight.

White, who has helped push the UFC to the forefront of the MMA world, was asked the best piece of advice he ever received. He stated it came from Frank Fertitta, a co-owner of the promotion.

“I got it from Frank Fertitta. When we got in this business, and we started the reality show and all these things, he said, ‘I love who you are and the way you do things, always be yourself and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks,’” White said.

During the segment, White was also asked about his favorite sport, other than MMA, to which he said “It’d be boxing and then if you talk traditional sports, it’d be football.”

Check out the video below for more of the interview: