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Gym Rescue Casting Soon On Spike TV, Will Feature Randy Couture (Exclusive)

Randy Couture, the former UFC champion and a member of the UFC Hall of Fame, will be working with Spike TV in the coming months on “Gym Rescue.” The program will help bring all kinds of gyms back through restoration, and they are looking to cast right now.

“‘Gym Rescue’ is a brand new series on (Spike TV) where (Couture) finds struggling gyms about to throw in the towel,” said Scott Hiller, the casting producer working with the the show from Metal Flowers Media, LLC, told “He figures out what the core problem is and with his team of experts, whips that gym back into shape.

“Gyms can be of any type: fighting or fitness, climbing, gymnastics or yoga. The problems are of any kind and combination, too, such as failing marketing strategies, equipment in disrepair, staffing issues, poor management. A generous gym makeover is usually part of the show.”

Couture will also be working on the Bellator MMA reality series called “Fight Master,” which will follow the same guidelines of The Ultimate Fighter.

The decision to work with Couture and possibly use MMA gyms was an easy one, as the sport continues to grow by the day.

“MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the country,” Hiller said. “I would suspect MMA gyms are popping up all over coinciding with that growth. The fighting gym business is a fiercely competitive one, so I’d also suspect that several gyms are struggling. (Couture) is definitely the right person for this job.”

Hiller added that production is expected to start later this year in the fall and that “there will be several episodes.” He is currently looking at Colorado, the Philadelphia/New York City/New Jersey area and Minneapolis for gyms to work with, but “is not limited to those regions.”

The series will follow in the footsteps of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” show which debuted in 2011 and has aired three seasons and 30 episodes. Season three is currently airing on the network.

“This series will be exciting and moving to watch as the story of repairing a business unfolds,” he added. “Struggling gym owners getting schooled by (Couture) and his all-star crew? These guys kick the crap out of ‘FAIL!’ That means you’ll see a lot of drama as a gym owner comes to terms with his failing business, but becomes incredibly uplifted throughout the process.

“Going through the experience of turning around any failing business can be an eye-opening, tumultuous, emotional experience for any business owner. He has to come to terms with either closing the doors or making the right changes to make his business succeed. And when it does succeed, it’s an awesomely rewarding feeling.”

Couture, a former Sergeant in the U.S. Army, has worked on several major-motion pictures including “The Expendables” series. He is also the owner of Xtreme Couture, which has training gyms in Las Vegas, Florida and Canada.

If you are interested in having your gym featured on the show, contact Hiller or at their Facebook page.