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UFC On FX 8: Lucas Martins Vs. Jeremy Larsen

Lucas Martins vs. Jeremy Larsen

We open up action this afternoon in the lightweight division, as Lucas Martins (12-1) takes on Jeremy Larsen (8-3). The referee will be Mario Yamasaki.

Round 1: Martins comes right out after Larsen and the crowd screams as the hometown favorite lands a kick. Larsen catches the kick this time and scores a single-leg takedown. On the way up, Larsen lands a big right that wobbles Martins and they clinch. Elbow-kick to the body combo for Martins, who appears to have his wits back. Larsen leaves the takedown attempt and lands an uppercut, following up with another trip takedown. Each strike and kick by Martins gets a huge, thunderous ovation from the crowd. Larsen with another right that floors Martins, as the Brazilian goes for a heel hook and a calf slicer before they get back to the feet. Awesome exchange, and Larsen lands another right. Full-throttle three minutes of action so far. Larsen with several rights and lefts, followed by a double-leg takedown. He scoops him back up and lands another double-leg slam. Martins with a front-kick and a right, just missing on a head-kick that allows Larsen to pounce.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Larsen

Round 2: Martins with a combo and a high kick, as Larsen moves right into harms way. Again, Martins wobbles Larsen, as the American goes for a takedown to stay upright. Quick exchange off the clinch, as both fighters are moving a bit slower now. Larsen with both swelling and a cut now on his face, though, it feels as if he has landed the more powerful shots. Blood pouring from the cut and Martins lands several rights to that open wound. Larsen trying to land, but is getting blocked quite often now. Larsen, who just got cracked with a kick to his right, throws the arm and nearly floors Martins, following up with another. Appears as if the right arm is fine, unless Larsen is just ignoring the pain. Another big right by Larsen as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Martins

Round 3: And, just like that, a counter-right lands by Martins, dropping Larsen stiff. The ref steps in before any further damage can be done, as this one is over. Larsen dropped face first coming in and the crowd erupts in approval.

Lucas Martins def. Jeremy Larsen via KO (right-hand) at :13 of Round 3