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UFC, With Diet Guru Mike Dolce, Launches “UFC FIT”

The UFC has partnered with diet guru and strength and conditioning coach Mike Dolce to form “UFC FIT.” The in-home fitness program was revealed recently by the two.

“What makes UFC FIT different from every other workout is Mike Dolce. The UFC doesn’t cut corners or do anything halfway, so when we decided to create UFC FIT, we knew we had to work with Mike. He’s someone we respect, someone we believe in and someone we know gets results,” said UFC president Dana White. “To compete in the UFC, you have to be proficient in five Olympic sports including boxing, wrestling, taekwondo and judo on top of having world class strength and cardio. And Mike Dolce take these guys level to another level – just imagine what he can do for you.”

Dolce has worked with the likes of Chael Sonnen, Johny Hendricks, Gray Maynard and Michael Bisping. His input includes all of his experience in helping those fighters get to their most natural weight.

“The methods you’ll see in UFC FIT are the same ones I’ve used with the top stars in the UFC, but I actually developed them for men and women of all ages. I used to weigh 280 lbs, I had elevated blood pressure, my cholesterol was high and I had sleep apnea,” Dolce said. “Using the principals I share in UFC FIT, I dropped 100 lbs and now am down to five percent body fat. UFC FIT is a fun, challenging program developed for everyone and every fitness level. We all deserve to be lean, to feel confident and to be healthy.”

“UFC FIT” includes 12 DVDs, a three-day shred program, a 12-week tracker, a manual and more. It is available at