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Kenny Florian: TRT Means Nothing Against Technical Fighters

The word TRT just brings an array of emotions out of those who follow MMA. The controversial testosterone treatment has been heavily criticized as an unfair advantage for those who elect to use it. Former UFC fighter Kenny Florian isn’t a fan, but thinks a well-rounded fighter outweighs it.

“It’s something that’s beneficial as far as your recovery goes and your ability to get reps in every single day,” said Florian on MMA Junkie Radio. “Every hour is crucial and beneficial. So for me, I’m not a big fan of it. I’ve spoken about that in the past. But it’s part of the sport, and it still comes down to the technics level of the fighters.”

The substance has been in the news recently as Vitor Belfort returns to action this Saturday. He is one of the top fighters in the sport who openly admits to using it.

Belfort fights Luke Rockhold out of Brazil’s Arena Jaraguá on May 18.

Florian can be seen hosting UFC Tonight on FUEL TV.