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Georges St-Pierre Driven By Being Afraid To Fail

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre may seem like one of the most focused and determined athletes when he walks to the Octagon. However, GSP is battling an inner feeling he can’t shake.

“I try to be confident, but deep down inside, I’m afraid,” said St-Pierre, during a recent appearance on Inside MMA. “I’m afraid to get knocked out, afraid to get humiliated, afraid to have done all that work and put all that effort for nothing. That’s why I’m afraid.”

St-Pierre successfully defended his title with a decision win over Nick Diaz earlier this year after returning late in 2012 to down Carlos Condit. He spent nearly two years on the sidelines recovering from knee surgery, but appears to be the old GSP now.

“It’s not really being afraid of my opponent. I’m afraid of not performing the best,” he added. “I think it’s the same fear that keeps me sharp.”

St-Pierre is expected to face Johny Hendricks later this year. Along with releasing a recent book, he has been cast in the upcoming Captain America movie as a villain.