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Bjorn Rebney Calls Eddie Alvarez A Liar

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney says Eddie Alvarez is speaking lies when it comes to how the promotion is handling his contract negotiations. Alvarez has claimed that Bellator changed the contract wording and were blocking him from joining the UFC.

“Every single decision, with regard to Ed matching the contract, the steps we’ve taken and the legal steps that have been taken, have been made directly from this office, from this CEO at Bellator,” said Rebney. “The decisions have not been made by Spike and they have not been made by Viacom.”

The UFC has been taking shots at Rebney, saying Viacom runs Bellator and the CEO has little power. Alvarez has agreed with those remarks.

Rebney continues that he believes the Alvarez court battle will last for over a year and the two are far from an agreement.