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MMA In New York Weekly Update – 5.10.13

Since it’s that time of the year when the struggle to get the sport sanctioned in New York becomes a recurring news item, it makes sense to have a weekly update post. So here it is! This week, the clock is ticking on the number of days left for the Assembly to do their thing. Meanwhile, there’s rhetoric, and more amateur MMA events.

• There are 18 days left in the Assembly’s legislative session. Yes, that’s enough time to get the MMA bill passed, but time is running out.

• “It’s time for the Assembly to approve mixed martial arts in New York State,” says some editorial from Syracuse.

• Here’s a radio show examining the state of MMA in New York. Oh, and in case you forgot, there already is MMA in New York.

• In fact, the Aggressive Combat Championship will have their second MMA event in the Bronx on Saturday night (and yes, yours truly will be there).

• In case you missed it (and I know you did), here are some fights from the last installment of the Underground Combat League.