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Chuck Liddell Gives Insight About Making Fights Exciting

Chuck Liddell looks at how often fights go to the judges and wonders how everything quickly changed. When Liddell was around, he felt fighters were hungrier for the win.

“I see it like guys are trying a lot more to just get their win so they can get their next fight,” said Chuck Liddell to U-T San Diego. “I hate hearing in a UFC corner ‘you won the first four rounds, just stay away from him this round.’ Go out and win. Make it exciting. Go knock him out, finish the fight.”

For 12 years, Liddell called the inside of a cage home as he mounted a 21-8 record before retiring. He retired as a former light heavyweight champion and holds a UFC record of 16 wins. The final few years saw Liddell go 1-5 before retiring for good. 13 of his wins were thanks to a KO/TKO and one via submission.

Liddell was named the vice president of business development within the UFC once he retired.