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Junior Dos Santos, Mark Hunt, Dana White: The Morning News Roundup – 5.9.13

Thursday is here, and with it comes another edition of the roundup. We’ve got some pre-fight interview snippets with heavyweight titans Junior Dos Santos and Mark Hunt, an announcement from Dana White regarding the UFC’s choice of gloves, the next round of releases from the UFC roster, and the just released PPV buy rate from UFC 159. In the words of renowned television pundit Dr. Steven Brule… check it out!

• Dos Santos says he’s going to put an end to Hunt’s cindarella run in the UFC, but the “Super Samoan” believes he’s still got plenty left in the tank. The fans will likely be the real winners, regardless of who turns out to be right.

• White says the UFC is working on a new style of fight glove, designed to help reduce the incidence of eye pokes. I think the jury is still out on whether a new type of glove will really help, but it should be interesting to see what the UFC comes up with.

• Veterans Leonard Garcia and Bart Palazewski are among a group of several fighters who find themselves on the chopping block. Best of luck to each guy and I hope they all bounce back quickly.

• UFC 159 reportedly drew an audience of around 550,000 pay-per-view buys, the second most for a UFC event this year. Still, I would imagine the UFC had expected a little bit better number. I guess it didn’t help that many fans viewed Jon “Bones” Jones vs Chael Sonnen as a rather lop-sided contest.