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MMA Legalization In Connecticut Easily Passes Through House Of Representatives

Connecticut is close to legalizing MMA following bill HB-5277 passing through the House of Representatives with 117-26 vote. The bill now moves to the State Senate, to see if they will vote on the matter.

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta hopes the bill passes and is a sign that the sport could be legalized in New York, something the promotion has been trying desperately for years to accomplish.

“It’s the right thing to do for the thousands of Connecticut MMA and UFC fans, for economic development in the state and for jobs,” said Fertitta. “We will now turn our attention to the Senate and urge the leadership to permit the bill to be voted upon. We are confident that if Senators are allowed to vote on the bill, it will pass with strong bipartisan support.”

The bill was sponsored by Representative Charles Clemons and Senator Andres Ayala. Ultimately, the governor must sign the bill into law, but that may not matter if enough votes from the House of Representatives and Senate make it through.