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UFC Boss Says New Gloves Could Be Coming, May Eliminate The Eye Poke

UFC president Dana White appeared on ESPN 710-AM in Los Angeles Tuesday night and made it known that a new glove is being worked on that could eliminate the “accidental” eye poke.

Several fighters, including most recently Alan Belcher, have fallen victim to a poke to the eye during action. UFC commentator Joe Rogan has constantly criticized the current gloves being worn.

“We actually have started to work on a new glove that curves your hand,” White said. “The glove is curved like a ‘U’ so you can still open your hand, but your fingers don’t point straight out.”

Most of the time, an eye poke only leads to a brief break in the action. However, it has become a seemingly constant thorn in the side of fighters and now White, so the UFC is taking steps to correct it.