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Bryan Caraway Coaxes Larger UFC 159 Bonuses From Dana White

Bryan Caraway thought his third round guillotine choke over Johnny Bedford was enough to earn Submission of the Night honors. The opening main card bout, which saw Pat Healy use a rear naked choke to make Jim Miller pass out, was awarded that honor plus Fight of the Night.

Before all that, Caraway had coaxed UFC president Dana White into increasing the bonus checks from the standard $50,000 to $65,000.

“I got into a little debate with Dana and was able to get them raised from $50,000 to $65,000 – so I single-handedly in five minutes made Pat Healy $30,000 more,” said Caraway on MMA Junkie Radio. “So Pat, if you’re listening, I’ll take my management 10 or 15 percent finder’s fee.”

Caraway made $16,000 for showing up to the fight and another $8,000 for winning. Those numbers do not include payments from sponsors. Caraway took the fight five days before the event and dropped 20 plus pounds in the process.

He’s now 2-1 since becoming a bantamweight last summer.