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MMA In New York Weekly Update – 5.3.13

Since it’s that time of the year when the struggle to get the sport sanctioned in New York becomes a recurring news item, it makes sense to have a weekly update post. So here it is! This week it’s all about the battle in Albany.

• The Wall Street Journal posted this little gem of an interview with Lorenzo Fertitta. Of course, you already know who Fertitta is going to blame for the ongoing legislative impasse.

• The New York Post knows who the real enemy is in Albany: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

• Here’s the New York Daily News throwing some numbers around in regards to how much money has been shelled out for the cause.

• You gotta love it when religion gets involved.

• Despite recent less-than-optimistic comments made by those in the midst of the battle, there’s still hope for the Assembly bill to pass. In other words, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

• Meanwhile, while war is being raged over the ban on pro MMA, a bill is being introduced that would serve to regulate amateur MMA. The State has traditionally kept its nose out of amateur stuff (see boxing and wrestling), so I don’t have high expectations for this thing to become law. Either way, here it is in case you want to look it over.

• Here’s with a pretty insightful video about MMA in New York.

• Oh yeah, there was also another underground fight show in New York City last weekend.