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Cain Velasquez, UFC On Fox, Eddie Alvarez: The Morning News Roundup – 5.3.13

Welcome to the Friday edition of the roundup. We’ve got a new fight promo from UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, some cool footage from the UFC on Fox “Phantom Cam”, and an update on Eddie Alvarez and his ongoing legal drama with Bellator. We’ll also check in with Jon Jones and his gruesome toe injury. Check out today’s headlines:

• Velasquez promises to defend his belt at UFC 160 and “keep it for a long time”. Cain seems unstoppable right now and I don’t expect opponent Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva to dethrone him, but then again, no one really thought Silva had a chance against Alistair Overeem, either. The fights don’t happen on paper.

• The “Phantom Cam” captured some neat slow-motion imagery from the last UFC on Fox event. Fox seems committed to delivering the best UFC experience it can, which is good for everyone involved.

• Alvarez has a long post on Twitter where he describes the new developments in his life and his next steps in the battle against Bellator. I’m not intimately familiar with all of the details of the case but I’m hoping to see Alvarez inside the Octagon sooner rather than later. He’s an exciting fighter and deserves the right to make a living however he sees fit.

• And it looks like UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones won’t be out of action that long after all. Despite the gory (and epically bizarre) post-fight scene from UFC 159, his big toe turned out to be dislocated, not broken. The champ should be good as new within 8 weeks or so.