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Chris Clements Understands Why Certain Fighters Decline A Bout

Chris Clements gets that champions are weary about taking a fight on short notice, but he doesn’t have any gold so it’s all about the love of the sport for him.

“In our sport, at such a high level, guys are preparing specially for guys,” said Clements on MMA Sentinel. “Every fighter, they have their strengths and weaknesses. You get a last minute guy, you don’t have a chance to prepare. I could never see a guy like Georges St. Pierre taking a last minute fight, where as a guy like me, I just like to fight.”

In his short UFC career, Clements took a split-decision over Keith Wisniewski before a submission loss to Matt Riddle. Afterwards, the defeat was overturned to a no contest when Riddle tested positive for marijuana.

The Canadian welterweight has no fight lined up and hasn’t spoken to the UFC since that July loss.