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Georges St-Pierre Talks Possible Lightweight Move

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre sparked some interesting talk Tuesday when he mentioned a possible move to lightweight.

St-Pierre, who has been mentioned in super-fights with Anderson Silva for the past several years, talked about his weight on The Joe Rogan Experience.

“I don’t do much cutting. It would be easier for me to go fight at 155 than fight at 185,” St-Pierre said. “I would be more at my weight. I’m not a big guy, I’m not thick.”

UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson stated his desire to face GSP in the near future, but was turned down by UFC president Dana White. St-Pierre reiterated that Silva is “very big” and that it’s a “lot of weight difference.”

GSP also failed to say for sure what would be in his future, but added that a match with Johny Hendricks is “probably” next.