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Dana White, Jim Miller, UFC 159: The Morning News Roundup – 4.23.13

UFC 159 looms, which means an ever-increasing temp of articles and videos on the event, plus a Dana White video blog. Hooray! In this installment, it’s all behind the scene at UFC 158, which, if you’ll recall, saw an awful lot of welterweights throw down and mess each other up. The two things that always stand out for me are the backstage interactions and the pre- and post-fight before and after. In one moment White is wishing a fighter good luck, and then we jump ahead to after the dust has settled, and the fighter is battered and bruised and apologizing for his performance. Seriously, why THIS was never made into a reality TV show baffles me. Here’s your news:

• Here’s White’s vlog. Enjoy it.

• And here’s the UFC 159 media conference call for good measure.

• Who’s the best 155-pound fighter in the world? Chad Dundas of ESPN shrugs his shoulders in response to that question.

• I went to an open workout in Manhattan yesterday and got video of brothers Jim and Dan Miller getting their sweat on, but then FightLine’s Mike Stets swoops in and does one better. Hmph.

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