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Duane Ludwig Prefers Coaching Over Fighting

Duane Ludwig was short on cash and looking at a potential UFC release following three straight losses in the first round. Then Alpha Male called looking for a striking coach and Ludwig seems to have found his stride.

“I’d rather keep this role going,” said Ludwig on The MMA Hour. “I really don’t have the itch to fight right now. I put too much pressure on myself as a fighter, so just coaching these guys and reviewing videos and running classes and living through them, I’m much happier.”

At UFC on FOX 7, Chad Mendes, Joseph Benavidez and T.J. Dillashaw all left with stoppage victories for team Alpha Male. Ludwig assured everyone that it was the actual fighters who did the work and he was there to just help.

Ludwig joined Alpha Male in December 2012. He is 4-5 for the UFC with his two separate runs combined. At UFC Fight Night 3 in 2006, Ludwig made history with the quickest knockout ever with a headshot to Jonathan Goulet that ended everything in six seconds.