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Michael Bisping, Alan Belcher Pull GSP-Nick Diaz And Take Over Conference Call

Michael Bisping and Alan Belcher pulled their best Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz move, taking over the UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen conference call on Monday.

After Belcher was asked a question, and provided his answer, Bisping quickly responded. Here’s what went down:

“A win over me would be the biggest win of his pathetic career,” Bisping said, in response to what a win for Belcher would mean, though the question was asked to “The Talent.” “Nobody gives an (expletive) about Alan Belcher.”

Belcher stated, “That’s right. So you better not lose to me,” to which “The Count” quickly fired back, “That’s right. I am just going to show up, slap your bloody face and that’s it.”

The two continued to fire back one-liners, commenting on each other when they would answer questions.