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UFC On FOX 7: Matt Brown Vs. Jordan Mein

Matt Brown vs. Jordan Mein

We begin the FOX-televised main card with welterweights Matt Brown (16-11) and Jordan Mein (27-8) squaring off. Both are on multi-fight win streaks, as Mein is a replacement for Dan Hardy. The referee will be John McCarthy.

Round 1: Mein, the youngster, coming right out and lands a nice elbow and follows it up with a right uppercut. Brown lands a big shot that has Mein backing up and running, and Brown gives chase, landing another huge shot. Mein appears to have some issues with his right eye, as he can’t see Brown coming. Stiff left jab connects from Mein, but Brown answers and drops him for a brief moment. Major vision issues from Mein’s right eye, and now Brown has a cut on his own. Brown lands again, but Mein remains upright. Quick combo from Mein is answered by heavy hands from Brown, who delivers a pair of knees to the body, as well. Mein now fires off a pair of power lefts, lands one to the body that drops Brown and seeks a choke. Unable to lock it in and Mein goes to the mount. Another body shot gets a huge reaction from Brown, who is in a lot of pain and trying to cover up. More shots from Mein, and Brown ties him up inside the guard. Brown locks in a triangle with a minute left, switches to an armbar, goes back to the triangle, and Mein escapes. Right-knee combo from Brown as the round comes to an end. What a thrilling five minutes of action.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Mein

Round 2: Brown comes out firing, landing a nasty shot that likely has broken the nose of Mein. Brown pounces and is unloading as the blood is flowing now from Mein, who is covering up. Brown delivers several shots to the lower back area and the ref steps in.

Matt Brown def. Jordan Mein via TKO (strikes) at 1:00 of Round 2