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MMA In New York Weekly Update – 4.19.13

Since it’s that time of the year when the struggle to get the sport sanctioned in New York becomes a recurring news item, it makes sense to have a weekly update post. So here it is! This week, letters are written to the state government, while UFC president Dana White becomes less optimistic.

• There’s a lot of mud being slung in regards to the perceived ills the UFC is responsible for – you know, for domestic violence, sexual violence, and things of that nature. But regardless of what the Culinary Union PR machine would have you believe, there’s still reality, and here’s Zuffa giving a dose of it to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

• Here’s the CEO of a major sporting goods chain coming out for the sport. And here’s the district attorney of Albany County contributing his two cents, which is that MMA is good and has social value.

• Here’s a little op-ed on MMA and politics in New York.

• There’s a UFC tomorrow night, and during the usual media ramp up, White expressed quite a bit less optimism than before in regards to the UFC holding a show in the Empire State in 2013. If you’ll recall, it was only a few months ago that the words “Madison Square Garden”, “November” and “sure thing” were thrown about. Now, not so much.

• Here’s me talking about amateur MMA in the New York.