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Chael Sonnen Competing Without A Current UFC Contract

Say what you will about Chael Sonnen, but he is a man of his word. The former UFC middleweight contender will face Jon Jones next Saturday night at UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen despite not currently having a signed contract.

The fighter talked about his contract status while appearing on The Steve Austin Show recently. He admitted that there is no deal in place, but he plans to show up and fight like he said he would.

“They never had a contract with me, they said what they would do and they did. My UFC contract expired about four months ago, I don’t know if they just haven’t realized it because they’re so busy, or if they just know they don’t need one with me,” Sonnen stated. “But, I got a world title fight coming up, we’ve got a sold out venue — I don’t have a piece of paper with my name on it or Jon Jones’ or anything else, but I don’t need one either.”

Sonnen, who twice lost to Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight belt, vaulted into the top contender spot at light heavyweight despite not competing there for years.