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Georges St. Pierre, Chael Sonnen, UFC On FOX 7: The Morning News Roundup – 4.19.13

What sucks about the news dominating this morning is that it involves violence of the extreme and unsanctioned variety – and I wish I meant underground fight shows. But there’s still some real MMA-centric stuff out there to report on, stuff about our beloved Georges St. Pierre, our sometimes beloved and sometimes hated Chael Sonnen, and the impending UFC event slated for tomorrow, so let’s focus on that , shall we? Talking about bombs and terrorists bums me out.

• Who’s next for GSP? Who knows! Dana White doesn’t know, and unfortunately, neither does Johny Hendricks. Boo!

• Sonnen’s got skills (see: his performances against champ Anderson Silva, which, you have to admit, are better than anything anyone else has been able to muster). He’s also got the gift of gab, and his mouth has written plenty of checks that inevitably someone was going to try to cash. Enter: the enraged fan who tried to punch him.

UFC on FOX 7 media pics. You’re welcome.

• And let this be a lesson to jiu-jitsu practitioners considering marriage. Ouch.