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Why Michael Bisping Will Never Be The UFC Champion

Michael Bisping will likely end his MMA career as one of the most well-known fighters of all-time.

However, will all of his success translate into being called a UFC champion? That’s the million-dollar question.

Since his time on The Ultimate Fighter, Bisping has been out-spoken and never one to back away from a challenge. He went on to claim the TUF title, and has been oh-so-close to securing a shot at the UFC middleweight title.

Each time, though, someone has stopped him from cashing in. First it was Rashad Evans, who dealt Bisping his first career defeat in 2007.

Dan Henderson halted a three-fight win streak by the Brit in 2009, and Vitor Belfort made sure to derail his title aspirations earlier this year.

It seems there is just one mountain left for Bisping to climb, but can he do it? Can he put it together and achieve greatness?

The simple answer is no.

Bisping turned 34 years old this past February, and has been competing in MMA since 2004. He has 28 professional bouts on his body, including some all-out wars with the greats.

The middleweight division remains uneasy, as several other challengers have also fallen off in recent months. But, the UFC is the cream of the crop, and young contenders will always be looking to move in.

For instance, this past season of TUF featured the likes of winner Kelvin Gastelum and favorite Uriah Hall. Both could eventually overtake Bisping in the pecking order before he is able to work back towards a No. 1 contender match.

Bisping’s great for MMA, great for the media, and great for promoting the sport in England and around the world. But, he’ll never be able to call himself a champion in the UFC.