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Josh Rosenthal, Urijah Faber, TUF 18 Tryouts: The Morning News Roundup – 4.18.13

Mixed martial arts is a big sport, but not everyone who works in it does so full-time. For instance, for years I worked in investment banking while juggling MMA writing, and I know more than a few reporters who hold “real” jobs to pay the bills. And then there’s notable referee Josh Rosenthal, who when not officiating UFC bouts, was a marijuana kingpin. SAY WHAT?

• Rosenthal has already pleaded guilty to being the Walter White of reefer, so he’s in the sentencing phase. How much wacky tobaccy was he busted for? Over a thousand marijuana plants. That’s, uh, a lot.

• Urijah Faber was on last night’s Darce Side Radio.

• Here’s a nice little video of the TUF 18 tryouts from Monday.

• Northern California is to MMA what KFC is to friend chicken. Here’s Josh Gross telling you why that is.