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Josh Samman Worried About Armbars, Not Chokes

Josh Samman knows there’s a big difference when caught in a choke compared to an armbar or leg lock. A choke results in a nap, while the other means injury to a body part.

“Triangle [choke] is one of those things if you don’t tap, you go to sleep and wakeup,” said Samman to MMA Fighting. “With an armbar, you can loss and really injure your limb and be out of training for a long time. The armbar really worried me, but I was able to get out of it and continue the fight.”

On The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 Finale, Samman found himself in that predicament with Kevin Casey. Samman remembered what his coaches taught him and escaped via a slam without suffering any damage to his arm.

In the second round, Samman took a TKO over Casey to go 10-2. He’s finished all but one of those fights.

Casey is 5-3 with four wins not seeing the second round.

Samman just occupied his friends as they tried out for TUF 18.