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John McCarthy, Veteran MMA Ref, Explains Travis Browne-Gabriel Gonzaga Ending

Veteran MMA referee John McCarthy was asked by Kenny Florian his thoughts on the conclusion to this past Saturday’s Travis Browne vs. Gabriel Gonzaga bout. Browne was awarded the victory, but Gonzaga is planning an appeal.

While Gonzaga appeared to have Browne tied up in the clinch against the fence, he allowed “Hapa” an opening. Browne reigned down with several big elbows, though some appeared to be illegally struck to the back of the head.

McCarthy, who has served as the third man inside the cage for several years, explained to Florian how the moves were legal on Twitter over the weekend.

“They were legal up two the last one or possibly two but he was already out,” McCarthy wrote. “Legal blows put him out. The only illegal elbow strike is a linear elbow thrown with the hand traveling from the sky straight down with no arc. Any arc makes the elbow legal so the way Travis threw those elbows was legal.”

As for the strikes going to the back of the head, McCarthy also cleared that up, writing, “the back of the head is not bad it is the back of the neck where the spine and skull connect that is dangerous.”