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TUF 17 Finale: Urijah Faber Vs. Scott Jorgensen

Urijah Faber vs. Scott Jorgensen

We’ve arrived at the main event, as Urijah Faber (27-6) takes on Scott Jorgensen (14-6). Faber actually got Jorgensen started in MMA, and the two are friends, but they still plan on having a war. The referee in charge will be Steve Mazzagatti.

Round 1: Jorgensen going right to the legs, and Faber catches him quickly and drops him. Faber ties things up, but it’s Jorgensen who gets double under hooks. Faber counters, but gets taken down via trip. Faber counters and is inside the half-guard. Faber takes the back, but Jorgensen quickly gets to his feet. Faber with a knee that might have caught the chin, dropping Jorgensen. He takes the back, again, and has a figure-four around the waist with two minutes to go. Some lefts to open him up, and a big elbow. Jorgensen escapes and rolls, but gives up his head for a guillotine. Faber rolls again with the guillotine, but Jorgensen survives – for now.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Faber

Round 2: Jorgensen takes a groin shot off an inside leg kick, and we have a lull in the action. Faber using his striking well, keeping Jorgensen from getting in close enough for a takedown. Knee to the body lands by Faber as he catches him coming in. Quick left hook gets through by Faber, as does a stiff right to the body. Takedown by Faber, who is looking smooth and effective with his attacks. Jorgensen searching for a kimura with 90 seconds left, but Faber gets out – only to catch a quick right to the face.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Faber

Round 3: Strictly a stand-up round so far, as the two are exchanging lefts and rights through the opening minute. Faber appears to hurt Jorgensen, who winces after a left lands. Big knee, followed up by an uppercut from Jorgensen connects. Jorgensen gets a takedown and mounts the back, showing signs of life in the third. Faber goes body-head to back Jorgensen up. Faber concludes the round with a double-leg takedown.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Jorgensen

Round 4: Faber snaps off a quick left that seems to ignite Jorgensen, who answers right back. Back to more of the stand-up game, as these two are willing to exchange and trade. Jorgensen shoots, and Faber fends it off with a guillotine attempt. Elbow from Jorgensen lands with conviction. Faber with a takedown, and transitions to the back with two minutes left in the round. He has a figure-four locked up again and his right arm around the neck, and this one is over, as Faber does it again, scoring his second submission victory in the last six weeks.

Urijah Faber def. Scott Jorgensen via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:16 of Round 4