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TUF 17 Finale: Clint Hester Vs. Bristol Marunde

Clint Hester vs. Bristol Marunde

It’s time for the FUEL TV prelims, as fighters from TUF 17 are placed center stage. First up is a battle between Clint Hester (7-3) and Bristol Marunde (12-7). Marunde was on a previous season of TUF, and fought in Strikeforce earlier this year. The referee will be Steve Mazzagatti.

Round 1: Hester was the top pick by Jon Jones on TUF, while Marunde’s last fight came against Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. Bit of a feeling out process by both men. Not much action, as both men are acting more like they are looking in a mirror, afraid to mix it up. Marunde offers up a right that misses. After Hester comes in, Marunde lands an uppercut-jab combo. Hopefully this isn’t the start of an uneventful set of prelims. Big left by Hester misses, but it appears to have more confidence, getting caught with a takedown off a front-kick attempt. Marunde looking to pass the guard with under a minute to go. Hester gets free and lands a massive right that floors Marunde, but he’s able to cover up and grab a takedown.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Marunde

Round 2: Hester likely scared Marunde with that closing shot, as he won’t want to eat one of those again. Into the clinch, and an exchange of knees to the body. Marunde offers up a head-kick that is just a glancing blow, but the uppercut connects. Marunde slips after throwing a head kick and Hester pounces. Marunde able to work a takedown as we go under two minutes left in the round. Hester nearly locks in a submission from his back, but instead gets to his feet. Big right from Marunde is followed by a pair of knees to the body from Hester. Left hook by Hester connects, who also avoids a takedown and hits another big left.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Hester

Round 3: Hester still going for the knockout, throwing everything he has into each punch. Marunde drops for a takedown off a wild throw, but is unable to score with it. Hester doing a much better job with his takedown defense. Flying knee lands from Hester, but Marunde is quickly back up to his feet, working for another takedown. Several lefts from Hester are followed up by a right from Marunde. Hester, out of nowhere, catches Marunde with a right elbow that knocks him out on his feet. This one is over, as the ref steps in before any more damage can be done to Marunde.

Clint Hester def. Bristol Marunde via KO (elbow) at 3:53 of Round 3