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Uriah Hall, Bellator, Michigan: The Morning News Roundup – 4.12.13

Sadly, sometimes it takes a tragedy to invoke change. Last Saturday, at an unregulated but legal amateur event called Amateur Fighting Club in Michigan, a fighter named Felix “Pablo” Nchikwo died backstage after getting TKO’d in the cage. Although the cause of death has yet to be determined, talk has centered around the lack of a physician at the event – something that would definitely be required at an event sanctioned by the state. Michigan, you see, does regulate and oversee pro MMA; now, with Nchikwo’s death fresh on everyone’s minds, legislative efforts are being made to extend the scope of that oversight to the amateur ranks. And that’s a good thing, because above all else, fighter safety is paramount, and regulation ensures at least a minimum level of safety. Here’s your news:

• Here’s Sherdog with the details on that Michigan amateur MMA bill.

• Now that Bellator’s eighth season is one for the history books, it’s time to talk about where the promotion goes from here. Here’s MMAFighting with an interview with SpikeTV’s Kevin Kay. And here’s ESPN chiming in.

• This is the last Uriah Hall piece you’ll read from me this week. I swear it. And hey, you can’t say the perspective isn’t unique.