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Lorenzo Fertitta Responds To Matt Mitrione’s Comments, Suspension

UFC CEO and co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta was recently asked about the decision to suspend Matt Mitrione for his verbal tirade against transgender fighter Fallon Fox.

Mitrione, who sounded off on the fighter earlier this week, has been suspended indefinitely following a win over Phil De Fries. Many fighters have been asked about both Fox and Mitrione in recent days, and Fertitta was, as well, by the MMA Torch.

“Whatever your thoughts are on the whole transgender issue, I’ve listened to (Mitrione’s comments) and in my opinion, it came off as a bit mean-spirited, and is something I think warranted review,” Fertitta said. “Obviously, this is not the easiest issue and a lot of people are questioning both sides. When you call her disgusting, and Buffalo Bill, that’s another issue. It warrants review.”

Fertitta compared the decision to suspend and review the case to what the NFL might do. Mitrione is a former player in the league who has also competed on The Ultimate Fighter.