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Jessamyn Duke Appeals Invicta FC Loss

Jessamyn Duke looks to have her Invicta FC 5 loss to Miriam Nakamoto overturned due to an error by referee John McCarthy.

In the first round, Duke took a shot to the head which resulted in her knees touching the canvas. Nakamoto then connected with another knee, which was illegal as leg shots to downed opponents are not permitted in the U.S. McCarthy called the fight in favor of Nakamoto, awarding her the knockout win.

“I think he made an error in judgment,” said Duke on MMA Junkie Radio. “Maybe he thought he stopped it after the first knee or intended to. But the fact is he didn’t and an illegal strike was thrown. That’s why we’re contesting it.”

Yesterday, Duke’s team filed a report with the Missouri State Office of Athletics asking that the bout be overturned to a no contest.

McCarthy stated the illegal knee was trivial since Duke was out from the first shot. Duke said it was an error on McCarthy’s part, but she’s not upset at him.

Duke is now 2-1 and Nakamoto 2-0.