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Johny Hendricks: All That Matters Now Is “I Am The No. 1 Contender”

Johny Hendricks doesn’t have to worry about Nick Diaz leapfrogging him in the UFC welterweight pecking order this time. No, Hendricks is the No. 1 contender, and is expected to meet Georges St-Pierre later this year for the title.

The bout, though, has yet to be assigned a date. St-Pierre requested time off following his win over Diaz, and is expected to shoot scenes for an upcoming movie soon, as well.

That is all fine and dandy with Hendricks, who plans to hit the gym and prepare mentally and physically for a shot at the UFC welterweight title.

“I just have to sit back and relax,” said Hendricks, during a recent interview with “The only think I can control now is that I am the No. 1 contender. I can go into the gym (and train). While he’s doing a movie, I’m going to be training for GSP.”

Hendricks cemented his status as the top contender by defeating Carlos Condit last month. He added that one of the benefits to extra time between fights is a chance to re-study his own fights and see weaknesses in his own game.

“More or less, I’m excited to study my tapes because there’s some things I did all right, and there’s some things I didn’t do very well,” he added. “I really want to dissect my tapes before I even get to GSP.”