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Vinny Magalhaes Considers Phil Davis The Easiest To Beat In The Top Ten

UFC 159 will take place at the Prudential Center in New Jersey on April 27th. While the main event is a light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen,Vinny Magalhaes and Phil Davis are creating a lot of buzz surrounding their upcoming brawl.

Magalhaes (10-5, 1 NC, MMA) made his return to the UFC last September and submitted Igor Pokrajac with authority in the second round of the fight bringing home his first UFC victory in the process. Now, Vinny is eager to be recognized as one of the elite in the UFC’s 205-pound division and has chosen to call out four-time NCAA division I All-American wrestler Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis (10-1, 1 NC, MMA) to prove it. Vinny explained to MMA Fight Corner why he wanted to square off against Davis.

“So my last fight I fought a guy who was definitely not like in the top fifteen, definitely not in the top ten. But he was coming off of 3 wins in the UFC which was Igor. This time I just felt like I needed to call out somebody that was a little better ranked and somebody that, in my opinion, would make more sense too. I did not feel like calling out people that I think would be like a really hard fight. And with Phil Davis style-wise, I think he could be somehow like an easy fight. Out of the guys in top ten, I think Phil Davis is the easiest fight for me to take. So, that’s why I started to call him out,” said Magalhaes. “At first it was nothing personal, it was more like ‘hey that’s the guy.’ That’s the style that I have, so that’s why I called him out. Then, his response became a little bit personal. The whole thing for me is to go in there and get a win against a top ten guy.”

Davis was supposed to face off against Forrest Griffin at UFC 155 last December. Once Griffin backed out due to injury, Magalhaes took the opportunity to start a Twitter campaign to set the match up with Davis in motion. The words and smack talk have run rampant between the two since then. Davis said he had to Google Magalhaes to find out who he was and that Vinny’s jiu jitsu was no match for his wrestling. Magalhaes responded that Davis won’t be able to handle his level of grappling.

“I think he’s just like saying things just to try to sound like funny, or whatever. We saw Demian Maia against Fitch. Fitch was known for dominating everybody with his wrestling, he can go like five rounds out wrestling everybody. Then he goes against Demian Maia, who’s a world class grappler, and he gets smashed on the ground. You know, this isn’t wrestling,” Vinny said.

“Even like my friend Chael, he fought Demian Maia. Same thing, he got dominated on the ground. He’s a great wrestler, if not a much better MMA wrestler than Phil Davis. Also every time [Chael’s] fought a jiu jitsu guy, he ended up getting caught. I don’t care about what Phil Davis says, especially when he’s talking about you have a lot of jiu jitsu guys that have been losing to wrestlers in MMA. But they’re not world class grapplers. That’s the difference between being a black belt and being a world class black belt, like world champion. I don’t care about what he says. If the fight goes to the ground, I’m going to submit him.”