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UFC On FUEL TV 9: Reza Madadi Vs. Michael Johnson

Reza Madadi vs. Michael Johnson

We’ll conclude the Facebook prelims in the lightweight division, as Reza Madadi (12-3) takes on Michael Johnson (12-7). Both fighters are coming off losses, so a win is of the utmost importance. The referee will be Marko Gylleland.

Round 1: Both fighters had to be separated as soon as Madadi walked inside the Octagon, almost forcing a staredown. Very intense look from both men. Johnson with a high kick, but Madadi catches the brunt of it. Quick right jab lands from Johnson, and Madadi fires back with his own. Johnson’s striking has been more effective, but Madadi gets a trip takedown and moves into the full guard. Madadi with an elbow through the defense, as he is in his area of strength. Madadi drops back for a leg lock, but Johnson counters and reverses. Johnson catches Madadi and floors him, as Madadi took the brunt force of that kick but will survive the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Johnson

Round 2: Madadi avoids the strike and scores a takedown, working to quickly take the mount position, which he does, much to the delight of the crowd. Madadi reigns down with a couple of elbows and goes for an arm triangle, but Johnson avoids it. Madadi easily gets another takedown, as Johnson has no defense for it. Elbows and quick punches from Madadi, who is looking to bust him open with two-plus minutes left. Madadi in complete control with an arm locked up and firing down rights from half-guard. The latter half of the round has been all Madadi, but he hasn’t done a whole lot of damage to Johnson.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Madadi

Round 3: Mat exchange results in Madadi on top and in control. All “Mad Dog” so far through the opening minutes of the final round, firing down with big rights and looking for a choke. Just like that, Madadi gets the tap, earning the comeback win in front of his home fans. And, just like Jose Aldo, Madadi runs into the crowd after leaping out of the cage.

Reza Madadi def. Michael Johnson via submission (arm-in-triangle) at 1:33 of Round 3