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Invicta FC 5’s Rowdy Bec Hyatt: “I Predict A Lot Of Blood”

The trash talk leading up to tonight’s strawweight tilt between Rowdy Bec Hyatt and Jasminka Cive at Invicta FC 5, started even before the match up between the two female combatants was made.

“It all began with her fiancé actually,” Hyatt explained as a guest on Darce Side Radio this week. “Getting on my Facebook page months and months before I even knew who Jasminka was and saying that I should get off Facebook, and I should train harder, that I’m all heart and I have no skill and what not. Just the usual hate mail I get. I got matched up vs. Jasminka a few months later, and I figured out it was her fiancé, then it all heated up when I called them out on it and they didn’t like it.”

A war of words has ensued since then between the Aussie and Austrian. Insults about personal looks, accusations of steroid use, and disparaging nicknames have been fired back and forth through out the lead up to the fight.

Hyatt said Cive will get what she asks for:

“She wants fireworks, and she’s going to get it.”

With both fighters being known for having a penchant to stand and trade, coupled with the existing bad blood between them, this could turn out to be a classic battle and fan friendly fight.

Hyatt, known for her bubbly persona, charisma, and creative social media presence brought up an appearance of a certain nursery rhyme character when asked how the fight is going to transpire.

“I always say, someone’s going to go visit the muffin man,” a laughing Hyatt explained. She then switched to a more violent topic. “I predict blood. I predict a lot of blood because once I get mad I’m not going to be very nice. Don’t blink because I’m going to finish pretty quick and make it a fight to remember.”

Invicta FC 5 will be streaming live on USTREAM tonight at 7PM ET.

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