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Bellator 95 Fight Results: Cooper Vs. Marshall

185 lbs.: Brett Cooper vs. Doug Marshall
Round 1. And we’re off. Marshall immediately starts slugging. Cooper landing his own shots, momentarily cooled Marshall’s jets. Cooper shoots in and gets the TD. Marshall holding on to Cooper in his half guard. Marshall doing a good job of moving underneath. Marshall is popping up and gets back to his feet. Lands a nice knee in the clinch as Cooper drops for another TD and gets it. He slammed Marshall on that TD. Marshall using the fence to get back up. Marshall gets up and Cooper lands an overhand right before dropping his levels again and is attempting a single leg. Cooper backs away and as he does he exchanges with Marshall and gets hit with a huge right hand by Marshall. Marshall jumps on his for one more right hand for good measure and the ref jumps in right on time. Cooper is out cold. Holy crap. Rhino’s got big power.

Official Results: Marshall def. Cooper by KO at 3:39 of round 1.