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Bellator 95 Fight Results: Hawn Vs. Parisyan

170 lbs.: Karo Parisyan vs. Rick Hawn
Round 1. And we’re off. Wild right hand for Karo, blocked by Hawn. They clinch with and over under and a low knee by Hawn. Ref calls time. Replays looked legal but time in. Parisyan pressing. they exchange right hands and Hawn unloads a hard right low kick. Parisyan looking as soft as ever in the midsection. Who know’s how the hell he made weight with that belly. Anyway, Parisyan keeps pressing and lands a low kick. Answered by Hawn. Parisyan looking calm, not like his old pressuring self. Overhand right misses by Hawn and they briefly clinch. Parisyan catches a low kick and lands a nice right hand that momentarily drops Hawn but back up they go. Spinning back fist missed by Hawn. Nice 2-1 by Hawn, barely missed. Now Parisyan throws his own 1-2 but is out of range. Inside kick by Parisyan by Hawn is complaining that it was low and the ref calls time. Time in, wild miss by Parisyan. Nice jab by Parisyan. Body shot by Hawn. Hawn moving well but not doing much action. Nice body kick by Parisyan. High kick by Hawn lands cleanly and stuns Parisyan right as the bell rings. Hawn stole that round with the head kick.

Fighline gives round 1 to Hawn. 10-9

Round 2. Double jab right by Parisyan. Hawn throws a nice combo but nothing landed cleanly. Straight to the gut and a left to the head by Hawn landed nicely. Parisyan leaps in and eats a left hook for his troubles. Straight right by Hawn stuns Parisyan bad, he wobbles and and Hawn attacks. Parisyan drops to his knees as Hawn goes in for the finish and the ref jumps in for the stoppage. Parisyan is complaining that it was an early stoppage but none the less, it’s over. Parisyan did look hurt but possibly could’ve continued. We’ll never know

Official Results: Hawn def. Parisyan by TKO at 1:55 of round 2.