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Bellator 95 Event Results

Welcome back to Fightline’s live coverage of BellatorMMA. This week we have Bellator 95 coming to us live from the Revel Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Tonight’s preliminary bouts will air on and while the main card will be broadcasted live on SpikeTV at 10pm EST.

Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up-to-date results by hitting F5 on your keyboard. And for the last time this season, get ready for the toughest tournament in sports!!


145 lbs. title:(c) Pat Curran vs. Shahbulat Shamhalaev
Round 1. tap of the gloves and they’re off. Curran shuffles his feet and feints. Shamhalaev looks patient, both fighters staying in the center of the cage. Front kick lands for Curran. Inside kick from Shamhalaev to answer. They exchange and I believe there was a headbutt, not blood. Low outside kick by Shamhalaev. High kick by Curran barely misses. Lots of feinting going on. Switch body kick by Curran, answered by Shamhalaev. Curran shoots in on a double and scrambles to get a fron headlock and catches Shamhalaev in a tight arm-in guillotine and puts Shamhalaev to sleep!!! Shamhalaev is awake and complaining but he was out. Shamhalaev didn’t tap. The ref waited till the last possible second to intervene and obviously Shamhalaev is upset but he went to sleep from that guillotine no doubt about it.

Official Results: Curran def. Shamhalaev by submission (arm-in guillotine) at 2:38 of round 1.

145 lbs.: Frodo Khasbulaev vs. Mike Richman
Round 1. Wooo I’m hyped for this one!! tap of the gloves and we’re off. Over hand right but Khasbulaev lands on the side of the Richmans head. Khasbulaev attacks against and Richman avoids all the major shot. Spinning back kick lands for Khasbulaev. Another one misses. Khasbulaev shoots but misses. Straight left by Richman snaps Khasbulaev’s head back. Khasbulaev retaliates with a 1-2 then body kick combo. Straight right left body kick by Khasbulaev, seems to be his combo of choice so far. Two right hands by Khasbulaev lands cleanly. Bolo punch by Khasbulaev, misses. Uppercut straight right by Khasbulaev. Heavy exchanges from Khasbulaev, you can hear his punches landing but Richmans is blocking most of the shots. 2-1 combo for Richman answered by a body kick from Khasbulaev. Khasbulaev is being very active. Low kick by Khasbulaev, lands well. After an exchange, Khasbulaev landed a flush right hand down the center. Bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Khasbulaev 10-9.

Round 2. Khasbulaev lands another right hand. He basically tucks his chin and throws heavy heavy shots. Khasbulaev attacking, landing some stiff shots, Richman’s face is beginning to show the effects of Khasbulaev’s punches. Left head kick by Richman barely misses.Khasbulaev throws and misses but Richma isn’t making his pay for missing. Khasbulaev takes Richman down briefly but he pops back up. 1-2 then body kick for Khasbulaev lands flush. Khasbulaev shoots for a single and lets it go, but not without throwing a combo on the exit. I see redness around Khasbulaev’s right eye but I can’t tell if it’s blood or not. Jab uppercut and misses a kick, falls and Richman elects to let him back up. Khasbulaev shoots in sloppy and eats a body shot. Khasbulaev is hurt and drops to guard. This time Richman jumps in Khasbulaev open guard. Richman lets Khasbulaev get back up. Close round.

Fightline gives round 2 to Richman 19-19.

Round 3. Richman attacking a bit more now. Khasbulaev lunging in and reaching a bit more now. Perhaps a bit tired. He shoots and Richman is defending it well.K Khasbulaev gets the TD but Richman gets back to his feet. Straight right by Khasbulaev lands but Richman is pressing now. Khasbulaev is throwing and they sound clubbing but Richman is taking them well. Jab left hook to the body for Richman. Straight left by Richman. Khasbulaev is looking tired, his shots are slower and less frequent. Richman is the aggressor and landing accurately. Low kick left hook by Khasbulaev. Richman now looking tired, but he lands a left hook as I type that. Richman goes for a knee and Khasbulaev gets a TD but Richman gets back up as soon as he could. That may be the fight changer right there.They exchange and Khasbulaev shoots but no luck. Khasbulaev looking more active but Richman is marching forward and the bell rings. Very close fight.

Fightline gives round 3 and the fight to Khasbulaev 29-28.

Official Results: Khasbulaev def. Richman by unanimous decision (30-27×3)

185 lbs.: Brett Cooper vs. Doug Marshall
Round 1. And we’re off. Marshall immediately starts slugging. Cooper landing his own shots, momentarily cooled Marshall’s jets. Cooper shoots in and gets the TD. Marshall holding on to Cooper in his half guard. Marshall doing a good job of moving underneath. Marshall is popping up and gets back to his feet. Lands a nice knee in the clinch as Cooper drops for another TD and gets it. He slammed Marshall on that TD. Marshall using the fence to get back up. Marshall gets up and Cooper lands an overhand right before dropping his levels again and is attempting a single leg. Cooper backs away and as he does he exchanges with Marshall and gets hit with a huge right hand by Marshall. Marshall jumps on his for one more right hand for good measure and the ref jumps in right on time. Cooper is out cold. Holy crap. Rhino’s got big power.

Official Results: Marshall def. Cooper by KO at 3:39 of round 1.

170 lbs.: Karo Parisyan vs. Rick Hawn
Round 1. And we’re off. Wild right hand for Karo, blocked by Hawn. They clinch with and over under and a low knee by Hawn. Ref calls time. Replays looked legal but time in. Parisyan pressing. they exchange right hands and Hawn unloads a hard right low kick. Parisyan looking as soft as ever in the midsection. Who know’s how the hell he made weight with that belly. Anyway, Parisyan keeps pressing and lands a low kick. Answered by Hawn. Parisyan looking calm, not like his old pressuring self. Overhand right misses by Hawn and they briefly clinch. Parisyan catches a low kick and lands a nice right hand that momentarily drops Hawn but back up they go. Spinning back fist missed by Hawn. Nice 2-1 by Hawn, barely missed. Now Parisyan throws his own 1-2 but is out of range. Inside kick by Parisyan by Hawn is complaining that it was low and the ref calls time. Time in, wild miss by Parisyan. Nice jab by Parisyan. Body shot by Hawn. Hawn moving well but not doing much action. Nice body kick by Parisyan. High kick by Hawn lands cleanly and stuns Parisyan right as the bell rings. Hawn stole that round with the head kick.

Fighline gives round 1 to Hawn. 10-9

Round 2. Double jab right by Parisyan. Hawn throws a nice combo but nothing landed cleanly. Straight to the gut and a left to the head by Hawn landed nicely. Parisyan leaps in and eats a left hook for his troubles. Straight right by Hawn stuns Parisyan bad, he wobbles and and Hawn attacks. Parisyan drops to his knees as Hawn goes in for the finish and the ref jumps in for the stoppage. Parisyan is complaining that it was an early stoppage but none the less, it’s over. Parisyan did look hurt but possibly could’ve continued. We’ll never know

Official Results: Hawn def. Parisyan by TKO at 1:55 of round 2.


205 lbs.: Anton Talamante vs. Liam McGeary
Round 1.

Official Results: McGeary def. Talamantes by TKO at 0:70 of round 1

145 lbs.: Kevin Roddy vs. Brylan Van Artsdalen
Round 1.

Official Results: Roddy def. Van Artsdalen by submission (armbar) at 1:04 of round 2.

145 lbs.: Michael Brent Hess vs. Will Martinez
Round 1.

Official Results: Martinez def. Hess by TKO at 4:15 of round 1.

140 lbs.: Jimmie Rivera vs. Brian Kelleher
Round 1. Tap of the gloves and we’re off. Inside kick and head kick by Rivera, both blocked. Straight right landed by Rivera, and now they clinch. Kelleher gets a clinch and pushes Rivera to the fence. Kelleher looks for the outside trip but Rivera blocks it well. They separate. Right hook over the top landed for Kelleher. Beautiful doubel leg shot by Kelleher, pushes Rivera to the fence. Rivera defended it well. They stay in a clinch and Rivera opens up a bit and lands some right hands. Rivera backs away and back to the center they go. Rivera’s striking is cleaner but Kelleher is holding his own. Kelleher agains shoots and Rivera defends but is up against the fence. Rivera turns Kelleher around and now Kelleher has his back on the fence. Rivera drops to get the double leg but Kelleher pops right back up.Even round as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Rivera 10-9.

Round 2. They meet in the center and they start trading immediately, nothing lands but Rivera then goes for the clinch but then lets it go. Rivera gets the clinch again and almost has Kelleher’s back on the feet against the fence but Kelleher turns into him. Back to the center they go. Rivera ducks right into a nice uppercut from Kelleher. Rivera is landing some nice jabs. Again they clinch and Rivera is landing some knees in the clinch. Kelleher turns Rivera around but Rivera then turns Kelleher around. They continue to scramble and and turn each other against the fence. Rivera drops his levels and gets Kelleher down to the ground and the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Rivera 20-18.

Round 3. River is getting aggressive and gets caught and momentarily dropped with another Kelleher uppercut. Kelleher lands another uppercut agter a clinch and someones mouth piece went flying. They clinch again and separate again. Another clinch and this time Kelleher gets a takedown. Rivera pops up and the ref calls time to replace the mouth piece. rivera lands some nice punches and Kelleher lunges in trying to retaliate. They exchange again and Kelleher looks for a takedown possibly in desperation but doesn’t get it. He’s got Rivera against the fence on the feet. River momentarily threatens with a guillotine but Kelleher defends it well. Rivera turns Kelleher around on the fence still. After they exchange they separate but Rivera immediately shoots in and gets the double. They roll and scramble around on the ground whit Rivera on top as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 3 and the fight to River. 30-27.

Official Results: Rivera def. Kelleher by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28×2)

155 lbs.: Phillipe Nover vs. Darrell Horcher
Round 1. No tap of the gloves and they’re off. High kick by Nover blocked. Nover shoots in recklessly and totally misses. Another blocked head kick by Nover. Nover shoots in and they clinch when Horcher sprawls. Horcher turns Nover around, still agasint the fence. They’r turning each other around as the crowd boos a bit. They’ve been on the fence for a while and just now the ref restarts them in the center. body kick by Nover lands cleanly. Power high kick by Nover blockes by Horcher. horcher is keeping the center of the cage as Nover unloads a nice 2-1 combo that lands just as they clinch once again. Horcher gets a high crotch but no takedown and the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Nover 10-9.

Round 2. Body kick by Nover Horcher attempts to counter but Nover evades it. After an exchange, Nover shoots in for a single and gets it, falling to side mount. Nover is keeping a lot of pressure on Horcher as he lands some left hands. Horcher uses the cage to cagewalk but no use, Nover is staying tight. Horcher gets guard. A few punches knocks Horchers mouth piece loose and Horcher puts it back in himself. Nover is posturing now, landing some harder shots. No sense of urgency from Horcher. Horcher has double underhooks but it’s not helping any. Horcher is trying to get back up but Nover is now scooting to Horchers back right as the ten second marker goes off and thats the bell.

Fightline gives round 2 to Nover 20-18.

Round 3. Nover lands a power kick to the body followed by a straight left hand, both land cleanly, Horcher seemed momentarily stunned. Horcher attacks and gets the clinch, apparently to cool Novers jets. No real offense by Horcher but as he drops for a double leg, Nover is working to sink in a guillotine. Horcher has now switched to a single leg but Nover is not letting go of the head. the ref restarts them. Horchers corner is trying to light a fir under him, yelling out the time left to do something. Yelling “stay on him”. Same body kick straight left by Nover, kick landed, punch was short. Horcher now showing some urgency clinches with nover, pushing him into the fence, somewhat going for a single leg. Knees to Noves thighs and Nover gets the inside trip take down right as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 3 and the fight to Nover. 30-27.

Official Results: Nover def. Horcher by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27×2)

188 lbs.: Carlos Brooks vs. Tom DeBlass
Round 1. Tap of the glovs and they’re off. They exchange immediately and Brooks gets the clinch, pushing DeBlass to the fence, DeBlass gets the guillotine and jumps gaurd but Brooks stays calm and DeBlass lets it go as he falls to the canvas. Brooks now on top in DeBlass’ half guard. DeBlass is trying to get full guard but Brooks is doing a great job of blocking it. just as I type that DeBlass gets full guard. Brooks steps away and back to the feet they go. Stiff jab by Brooks, misses the right hand. DeBlass eats a knee to the body as he shoots in for a single. DeBlass is pressing Brooks against the fence and hasn’t given up on the single leg. Now he quits and steps away. Inside kick by Brooks lands well, and another. one more, DeBlass isn’t checking any of them. Now DeBlass engages the clinch but a knee to DeBlass’s family jewels prompts a time out. Time in. Brooks has a nice jab, not always landing but keeping DeBlass thinking about it.
Stiff jabs snaps DeBlass’ head back and DeBlass immediately shots in again. Brooks finally turns DeBlass and steps away. Nice 1-2 by Brooks. Brooks controlling the center of the cage as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Brooks 10-9.

Round 2. Now DeBlass is throwing his own jab but way out of distance. Brooks lands his own, piston-like. I just noticed how long Brooks arms are, it’s no wonder his jab is landing a lot easier than DeBlass’ is. DeBlass shoots in on a slick single leg and gets it. Brooks closes his guard. DeBlass keeping busy but not doing much damage. Brooks doing a nice job of not receiving too much punishment. Brooks’ right eye is slightly swollen, perhaps a left hand from DeBlass did the job. Bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to DeBlass 19-19.

Round 3. The Dr. checks Brooks right eye, it looks like the eye is bothering Brooks. Aaww damn it. the dr calls it. The ref is forced to stop the fight due to the swollen eye. Brooks looks like he’s agreeing witht eh stoppage, no protest from him.

Official Results: DeBlass def. Brooks by TKO (Dr. stoppage) before the start of the third round.

170 lbs.: Shedrick Goodridge vs. Sam Oropeza
Round 1. tap of the gloves and they’re off. Exchanging kicks, Oropeza’s look harder. Oropeza throws a kick and it gets caught but Goodridge and down they go. Nice TD by Goodridge. Oropeza stands back up and Goodridge keeps the clinch against the fence. Low blow, knee by Goodridge, ref calls time. As they start up again, and inside kick goes low again and again time is called. Goodridge complains but the reply shows it was way too close. The toes basically jabbed Oropeza’s pee pee. Oropeza throws a hard body kick, partially blocked. Oropeza jumps in with a knee but Goodridge catches it and down they go. Goodridge gets up and lets Oropeza get to his feet. Spinning back fist by Oropeza, barely missed. They clinch and Oropeza is pushing Goodridge against the fence.After a few knees, they part. High kick by Oropeza, blocked by Goodridge. Switch kick by Oropeza as Goodridge lunges in. Leaping jab lands by Oropeza but gets taken down in the process right as the bell rings.

Fighline gives round 1 to Goodridge 10-9.

Round 2. They meet in the center, a lot of fainting from Goodridge. No more inside kicks by Goodridge. My feed keeps buffering. Goodridge keeps lunging in but nothing is connecting. Goodridge gets a clinch and presses Oropeza to the fence. They break. they exchange hick kicks and Oropeza lands, but with the foot only. Missed spinning back fist by Oropeza. Goodridge is looking a bit sluggish, like he’s tired. Goodridge goes for a single and and briefly gets it but Oropeza sprawls out and momentarily gets Goodridges back. Goodridge turns into him and is still driving for the TD. Oropeza is landing elbow after elbow after elbow and the ref jumps in!! They elbows were unanswered but it didn’t look like Goodridge was even hurt by them. Replay time. Wow, bad stoppage. Oropeza can’t even get up, his leg looks injured. He stands with help of his corner waiting for the results. He hops over to the ref for the official decision. If the fight had continued, Goodridge would most likely have won.

Official Results: Oropeza def. Goodridge by TKO at 4:22 of round 2.

170 lbs.: Lyman Good vs. Dante Rivera
Round 1. Tap of the gloves and they’re off. Good leaning forward and lands an over hand right as Rivera throws a kick. It looks like the punch hurt Rivera as he engages in a clinch. They stay in a clinch trading uppercuts and knees. River drops for a knee tap and eats an uppercut for his troubles. Now throwing uppercuts of his own does Rivera. Good is slowing down some, not as active as he was about a minute ago. Riveras uppercuts look real clean, like he almost lifts Good with them. They continue to pummel against the fence. River switches between over-under clinch and the plum clinch. Good seems content with keeping Rivera against the fence. The ref seems equally as content as he’s not separated these men. Good hears the ten second marker and tries to get the TD but no luck as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Good.. 10-9

Round 2. They engage but a clinch again and on the fence again. Sean Wheelock states they’re in the exact same spot as they were in round 1. Not sure why this is the game plan for Good but I guess it’s working for him. Not much action but this is a very taxing position for fighters. None the less, the ref seems to like this because he’s not even warning the fighters for action or anything. rivera can’t seem to get away, Good is just too powerful and hell bent on staying in this position. Anytime Rivera gets space, he throws a knee but besides that, it’s all Good and all clinch. Good drops for a TD and he gets it. Mission control for Rivera as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Good. 20-18.

Round 3. A tap of the gloves and a quick knee/kick by Rivera and they go to the ground for a second but back to the fence on the feet they go. Looks like Abbott/Ferrozo from UFC 11. Good continues to press Rivera against the fence while Rivera slides his back against the fence in an attempt to escape. Rivera isn’t taking any damage really, it’s just that Good is pressing and every now and then landing a clean punch. If I would take a guess at what will happen next, Good will drop for a TD close to the end of the round. A knee to the groin by Good and the ref briefly separates them as Rivera says he’s good to continue. My feed has frozen for the time being, let me refresh my page. Not that I’m missing anything I’m sure. Ok my feed is over.

Official Results: Good def. River by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27×2)