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Johny Hendricks More Interested In The Belt Than Beating Georges St-Pierre

Whether it’s Georges St-Pierre or not Johny Hendricks is focused on winning the UFC welterweight championship. Hendricks was basing it off the possibility that St-Pierre could switch weight classes for a potential Anderson Silva bout.

“I’d like to fight GSP just because he’s done so much in the 170 class, but if I don’t get to fight him, the more important thing is that belt,” said Hendricks to Sherdog. “That belt is the most important thing of anybody’s career. If he moves away and goes up, then I know I’ve got the shot at the belt.”

At UFC 158, both fighters sealed their fate. Hendricks claimed the No. 1 contender status with a decision over Carlos Condit. St-Pierre also took a decision against Nick Diaz.

Hendricks has mentioned August as a possible date for their fight. The UFC has not confirmed any date.